JRNY Refund Policy

Monthly Memberships

If you cancel your monthly JRNY Membership, your JRNY Membership access will continue until the end of the then-current period, after which, your JRNY Membership will not renew after the period expires. JRNY monthly membership fees are not refundable.

Annual Memberships

JRNY Annual Memberships are eligible for a refund only if cancelled within 30 days of the initial billing. To request a refund, email support@jrny.com or call (888)-986-5528. If you cancel, you may continue to use your membership until the end of the then current subscription period, except in the case of a refund, and your membership will not be renewed after the period expires. In situations where Johnson Health Tech provides a refund with the terms applicable to the specific subscription or otherwise, unless prohibited by law, Johnson Health Tech may terminate your membership access for the remainder of the corresponding subscription period.