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Which Bowflex® home fitness products are compatible with the JRNY® digital fitness platform?

Built-in touchscreen experience is available for: Bowflex® VeloCore® 16/22 bikes, C7 bike, Max Trainer® M9 machine, Max Total® machine, and Treadmills 22, 10, and 7.

JRNY® app for phone or tablet is available for: Bowflex® C6 bike and Max Trainer® M6 machine. Pair your JRNY® app to expand your fitness experience.

Products not available from that are compatible with the JRNY® app for phone or tablet: Bowflex® Max Trainer M8 machine, T6 Treadmill, 116/216 Treadmills, and Schwinn IC4 Bike. Pair your JRNY® app to expand your fitness experience.

How do adaptive workouts work?

First, the JRNY® platform assesses your fitness level and designs workouts tailored to you and your personal fitness journey. Then, the JRNY® platform recommends workouts based on your abilities and the workout experiences you favor. Finally, your JRNY® workouts automatically adjust over time as you progress. The more you improve, the more your workouts adapt to keep you challenged. This removes the guesswork and creates a personalized fitness plan you can stick to for long-term success.

Does my JRNY® Membership work for all family user profiles on my machine?

Yes. One single JRNY® Membership covers any household member who has a user profile associated with your product.

How many individual user profiles can I set up for my household?

Unlimited user profiles are available for all products except for the Max Trainer M6 and M8 models and the C6 Bike.

  • M8: 4 user profiles
  • M6: 2 user profiles
  • C6: 1 user profile
When does my JRNY® Membership become active?

If purchased through, your JRNY® Membership becomes active once you first log into the JRNY platform from your touchscreen or smart device.

If purchased through the App Store/Google Play, your membership becomes active as soon as you've completed your in-app purchase. If your membership is not activated within 60 days of purchase, Bowflex has the right to cancel the trial or to automatically activate your membership.